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Find Your Truth

“Truth is what works.”

~ William James

Ding Dong!’ I answer the door and I am confronted by two women who are trying to influence the people in the neighbourhood to follow their religion. They are well dressed and very polite as they engage in conversation with me. However, I am not sure if they know what they are getting themselves into. After about an hour and a half of deep discussion, one of them finally asks; “Are you a philosopher?” and so I gave this long-winded reply; “No, I am simply a free thinker who likes to philosophize. A free thinker is someone who questions everything (no exceptions). They take nothing as truth until it is thoroughly investigated and tried. When a famous scientist, world-renowned doctor or a religious leader states something as being true, it should not be taken for granted as truth. Ultimately, you, as an individual, must determine your truth.”

I continued; “We could argue all day about God, religion, the afterlife and so on, but in the end, neither of us will be able to prove anything as absolute truth. Therefore, I look at beliefs or ‘truths’ in this manner. Which belief, if followed and lived by, will allow me to live more powerfully – as a holistically successful human being? Which belief will make me more loving, joyful, peaceful and so on? Which belief resonates with my heart and my dreams? Which belief will make me shine the brightest? For example, some people believe God is up in the sky or heavens, somewhere outside of this earth (which they expressed to me as their belief). A contrary belief is that God is everywhere and makes up everything – living and non-living. Personally, I have lived by and experienced both beliefs. I found that the latter works better for me. I feel that if I see God in all the people and things around me then I will treat them with greater love and respect compared to seeing God off in a distant place somewhere. For this reason, I have chosen to hold onto this belief as my truth.”

Finally, I said; “I continuously challenge my beliefs as I grow in body, mind and spirit. I am always searching to either strengthen my current beliefs or to replace them with better ones if I find them. For the most part, religions are very rigid and dead set on their belief systems. For this reason, as a free thinker, it would be highly impractical for me to entrap myself into certain rules, beliefs and rituals etc. I need to question and challenge my beliefs without being ‘charged with blasphemy’ or ‘accused of sin’ or ‘condemned to hell’. I need to grow so I can achieve a greater communion with God (everything and everyone). I need to find my truth not someone else’s. Thank you for your time; I hope you find your truth. Peace be with you and God bless you! Good bye.” They smiled and walked away continuing to discuss what we had talked about. Who knows, maybe I managed to influence them.

And that’s my little story; I hoped you liked it.


Your Holistic Health Coach,

Sal Crispo

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