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Make Success A Habit!

“Successful people form habits that feed their success, instead of habits that feed their failure.”

~ Jeff Olson

It is well known that, as human beings, we are creatures of habit. For this reason, if we wish to live at our very best and create the life we desire, it is important that we build the best habits possible. What are the very best habits? Simply put, the best habits are the ones that lead us toward continuous self-growth and success. And if we develop enough of these habits, we can make success, itself, a habit.

How does one know which habits are the very best? There are countless, constructive habits for one to choose from for self-growth and success, therefore this question has a 2 part answer. There are 2 types of constructive habits – universal and unique. Universal habits are habits that everyone can benefit from such as stress reducing habits. On the other hand, unique habits are habits that are unique to the individual. For instance, a salesperson will need to develop different habits (sales-specific habits) than a general manager (managerial-specific habits). Another difference between universal and unique habits is in precedence. Universal habits should be developed first and then unique habits can be built upon them.

In my book “One Habit At A Time”, I present 9 universal habits that form the very foundation of self-growth and success. Once again, true success is holistic. For example, if you are wealthy but you have poor health, you are not holistically successful…If you have an exceptional career but you have no friends, only enemies, you are not holistically successful…If you are extremely healthy but you have no ambition to work, you are not holistically successful. I hope you get the idea.

When I consult with people, in almost every case they are missing several, if not all, of the 9 universal habits presented in One Habit At A Time”. And I have discovered a direct correlation between how successful a person is and how many of these habits they have. As a result, as soon as these people begin to implement these habits, their lives become richer. In short, “One Habit At A Time” will teach you how to become holistically successful. All you have to do is incorporate the 9 universal habits presented in the book and you will have built a solid foundation for self-growth and success in every area of your life.


Your Holistic Health Coach,

Sal Crispo

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