• Sal Crispo

Movement is Power!

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

~ Albert Einstein

This quote pertains to every aspect of life – science, health, business, etc. However, a lack of movement seems to be the norm in most people’s life. Whether it is in their physical life, mental life and/or spiritual life, inactivity is ever-present. As a holistic health practitioner, I have witnessed this phenomenon over and over again. Why is this so? Why do people neglect certain areas of their life? Is it because they do not know any better? Although this is sometimes the case, there is often more to it than that. For instance, almost everyone knows the value of exercise and yet, only 5% of North Americans (approximately) are engaged in a vigorous, long-term exercise regimen. There are several reasons for this occurrence but I will only focus on one key factor for now.

A key problem to inactivity is the idea and expectation that knowledge is enough, however this belief is incomplete. There is a common saying that knowledge is power, but this is only true when it is applied or in other words, put into action. For example, exercise is great for you, but knowing this is not going to get you into shape. You must apply what you know and exercise your body into better shape. In my book One Habit At A Time, I teach the reader how to develop the habit of affirmative action. Yes, movement or action must become a habit. It must become second nature to apply what you know, especially because this is vital to living a healthy, happy and an overall successful life.

When I decided to write One Habit At A Time, I knew that simply giving people the knowledge (or theory) to improve their lives was not enough. In truth, there are countless other books on the market that one can choose from to learn about self-development. Therefore, I created something unique. I created a book that teaches the reader how to apply life-changing habits easily. And anyone can implement these habits with the use of the fool-proof method I introduce in the book. Simply put, One Habit At A Time is a book of action and this is why it is so powerful. Are you ready to become a powerful creator?

If you are looking to change or improve your life significantly, you must ACT! Otherwise, you can choose to not move and watch nothing happen. After all, the choice is always yours, isn’t it?


Your Holistic Health Coach,

Sal Crispo

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