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V10 Health

A Personal Message from the Founder 

Hi there, my name is Sal Crispo and I am another living example of the power of V10 Health. I struggled with severe mental health from a very early age. Using the principles at the foundation of V10 Health, I was able to overcome this debilitating and life-threatening disease for good. V10 Health not only saved my life, but it took it to a level far beyond what I ever imagined. I knew I had to start sharing these principles with others so they too could experience the benefits of improved fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. By adopting the V10 Health program, many people have done exactly that. No matter what your health goals are, V10 Health will ensure you achieve them one step at a time.

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The V10 Health Difference

There are countless conflicting ideas out there about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. This is simply because everyone is at a different level of vitality and different things work for different people. At V10 Health, we will cut through all the unnecessary confusion and give you programs which are perfectly suited to your level, needs and goals. First, we assess your current level of vitality in the area(s) you wish to improve. Once we determine your vitality score, we will provide you with a program to get you to the next level on the vitality scale. For example, if you score a V3 in fitness, you will be given an exercise program to help you reach V4. This ensures you do not try and do too much too soon which is a common recipe for failure. With this scaled approach, many of our clients are not only reaching their goals but setting even higher ones.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about V10 Health and my holistic coaching philosophy, you can follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok or book your free 15 min consultation with Sal and let's talk!

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