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Fitness Training

Smartpath Fitness Studio

Welcome and thank you for visiting the SmartPath Fitness Studio webpage. The SmartPath Fitness Studio is where V10 Health was created and evolved from. What's the difference? The SmartPath Fitness Studio is the physical place where I work with people privately and V10 Health is the philosophy behind my approach to help others overcome challenges and reach their goals. Below you can see the SmartPath Fitness Studio set up. To learn more about the V10 Health philosophy, simply navigate through this website. 

SmartPath Studio 2024.jpg

This is a home personal training studio that is fully equipped, including an Apex cable quad machine, a Lifestyle Fitness power rack, Iron Grip rubber hex dumbbells, a Tuff Stuff back extension bench, a Fitmaster assessment/stretch/massage table and more. It also includes numerous accessories such mats, stability balls, Bosu, balance boards, hard and soft medicine balls, short and long rubber bands, foam rollers, TRX, Olympic rings, steps, power box, boxing gloves and focus pads just to name a few. Why do I have all of these tools? We are all unique! I work with people of all ages, fitness levels (beginners to advanced) and goal types. Whether your a beginner (struggling with pain, injuries or a lack of motivation), intermediate (maybe looking for fresh, new programs that can help you break through plateaus) or advanced (striving for peak potential and ultimate vitality), I have all I need in the SmartPath Fitness Studio to help you level up and succeed! If you're interested in learning more about working with me, fill in your contact information below.

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