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Progressive Programs

Customized: Get exercise programs that are specifically designed for your level of fitness and your goals


Progressive: Each exercise program builds upon the others and gets you moving up the V10 Fitness Scale and efficiently toward your goals


A Formula for Success: The duration of each exercise program is 4-8 weeks depending on several factors. This 4-8 week block gives you enough time to reap the benefits of the exercise program and ensures you do not plateau

No more cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all exercise programs

No more Guessing what to do next for every workout

No more doing the same boring routine over and over again and getting no or poor results

No more injuries from doing workouts that are too far above your fitness level 

No more Excuses about not knowing what to do or where to start

$250 Value

Fitness Plan Photo 2_edited.jpg

$150 Each

How is my form now?

Excellent! Keep your core tight...

Monthly Personal Training Sessions

Safety - Helps you understand and do the program correctly

Effectiveness - Learn the proper form, tempo, Core engagement and breathing for each exercise to get the most out of your workouts

1:1 Attention - Ask questions and get constant feedback

Enjoying Outdoor

Free Body, Mind & Spirit


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Free Trial Class of your choice

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Checking Weight

Holistic Strategies For Fat Loss

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General Questions
How did you hear about V10 Health? Pleae check all that apply.
Primarily, what do you need help with or what goals would you like to achieve? Please check off your top 3 priorities from the following.
1. Which of the following best describes your typical or daily average energy level?

Body Fat Percentage Estimation (Male)

Body Fat Percentage Men.jpeg
2 a. Which of the above, would you say, best represents your current body fat percentage? (Males only)

Body Fat Percentage Estimation (Female)

2 b. Which of the above, would you say, best represents your current body fat percentage? (Females only)

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