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Don't Do Too Much Too Soon

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

~ Lao Tzu

The most common reason for failure when people start out on their health and fitness goals is trying to do too much too soon. This is one of the main reasons I created the V10 Health Scoring System (knowing the best place where to start for your current level). But why does this happen? Usually they decide to set a goal because they are sick and tired of the way they look and feel. They have been neglecting their health and fitness for so long. What’s worse, it’s been mentally nagging them for years.

This pent-up frustration puts their motivation into overdrive and creates a sense of urgency. “I have been completely inactive for the last several years so now it’s time for a huge change and to get into shape.” Instead of easing back into it, they go all out and try to “catch up” on all that lost time. It’s also very like that they jump on one of the latest fads which have a tendency to be extreme. A lot of these programs are generic and do not account for individuality. As a result, many people end up injuring themselves and curbing their initiative. We all have different goals, strengths and weaknesses so we should find and focus on what’s best for us at this moment in time.

I get a lot of referrals from my clients and most of them come to me because someone they know hurt themselves doing one of the latest fad exercise programs such as boot camp or Crossfit classes. “Go see Sal, he’ll help fix you.” It’s funny because it’s sounds like I’m a mechanic (but for humans). Please understand, there is nothing wrong with boot camps or Crossfit classes (with some exceptions of course). The problem is a lot of these classes are not at an appropriate level for a majority of the population, especially the ones who have never been active or haven’t been in years.

How do I “fix” people? I assess them first. I live by the motto: “If you’re not assessing you’re guessing.” I need to know your strengths and weaknesses. The more I know about you, the better I can help you. This takes time. When you and five, ten or twenty other people walk into a class, it is highly unlikely that you will be given exactly what you need. Every person in the class is unique so some may be benefiting at times while others may be one move a way from a disastrous injury.

If I had to put a number on it, I would say that someone would have to be at least a V6 or V7 before they could walk into a class and do a random workout. However, even a V9 or V10 can hurt themselves if they do something that is too challenging and/or with incorrect form. There are highly complex exercises that can completely fall apart if one aspect isn’t on point. Remember, no one is immune to injury. Therefore, some caution always needs to be exercised regardless of your V-score (level).

If you are frustrated with your current health situation and highly motivated to make some much-needed changes in your life, that’s a great thing. Just be smart about it. Make sure you do what’s right for you. Don’t jump into a class just because your friends are doing it. Maybe that could be a goal of yours to join them in the future when you are fitter and better prepared. Fortunately, I have programs perfectly suited for your level which significantly lower your risk of injury and will be sure to progress you so you can safely join your friends soon enough.

Your V10 Health Coach,

Sal Crispo

P.S. If you are interested, I also make a coaching video for each of these posts on YouTube. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you do not miss out on any of the valuable content I share. Here is the link for this post:

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