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Health is Not a Sprint!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

“Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.”

~ Tony Gaskins

We’ve all heard the cliché, “good things take time”. Nature is a perfect example of this. An acorn takes about 50 years to grow into an adult oak tree and continues to grow larger for several hundred years afterwards. Often, I get clients who come to me for help and their first question after telling me their goal is, “How long is this going to take?” “How long will it be before I get a six pack or flat stomach?” “How long will it be before I get rid of all this flab?” I totally get it. They are sick and tired of looking and feeling the way they do and want to change as quick as possible. That’s why they asked me for help. But why the urgency?

In western society, we have been conditioned to expect results quickly. Many of us have the tendency to look for solutions to our problems which promote instant gratification. Why do you think infomercials selling gimmicky exercise equipment and magic diet pills are so profitable? Savvy marketing experts pray on ignorance. They convince consumers of the idea that you can fix your problems quickly. Let’s try and understand why this idea is so flawed. When a client asks me a question like, “How long will it take to lose this extra 30lbs?” I usually reply with, “Well, how long did it take you to put it on?” You see, it usually takes years of unhealthy choices and habits to accumulate 30lbs of excess body fat. Why do we want to believe that we can somehow erase years of unhealthy living in the next 4-12 weeks? Do you really think such expectations are realistic?

Of course there are stories of people and shows like the ‘The Biggest Loser’ that flaunt extreme weight loss in short periods of time. However, just because something can be done quickly, doesn’t mean it’s the right way. Is this extreme approach truly healthy and sustainable in the long term? How many of those people put the weight back on (and often even more)? Why would you put your body through such extremes? Did you put on the extra pounds in such a short period of time? So what’s the rush?

Listen, all good and lasting things take time because it’s more than just about numbers (the amount of weight you lose). Health is about building the right choices and habits into your lifestyle or way of living. V10 Health is designed to help people reach their goals using a step-by-step process. If your v-score is V2, you will be given the appropriate program and health habits to level you up to a V3. If you were to follow a V10 level protocol, chances are you would quit, get injured and/or worse (i.e. giving a high-intensity interval to a person with a heart condition).

How long it will take to achieve your goal really depends on the individual, as we are all unique, and on the goal itself. The V10 Health scoring system determines both your starting point (current v-score) and your specific goal’s v-score (target level). This clarifies how far you need to level up before you reach your goal. If you are starting at a V2 and your goal is measured at a V7 then it will take you a lot longer than someone who measures in at a V6 to reach the same goal. This is very helpful for people who may have skewed or unrealistic expectations when it comes to seeing or experiencing results.

To be honest, I like that nature is slow. Would we really learn valuable lessons if we could immediately fix problems that took years to develop? Would we experience the same highs and sense of accomplishment from achieving extraordinary feats? If you could simply jump to the top of mount Everest, do you think you would feel as good as putting in the preparation training and actually scaling to the top with sweat, struggle and grit? No matter how many likes you get on an Instagram post, it will never feel as good as publishing a book. Why? We feel more accomplished when we consistently put forth an effort over longer periods of time. If you started a program or integrated new healthy habits and are feeling discouraged from the lack of quick results, remember, like the oak tree, we are a part of nature and nature takes its time with change. Keep plugging away or burrowing your roots and eventually, you will see the results spring up.

Your V10 Health Coach,

Sal Crispo P.S. If you are interested, I also make a coaching video for each of these posts on YouTube. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you do not miss out on any of the valuable content I share. Here is the link for this post:

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