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Your Number 1 Fan

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right here.”

~ Venus Williams

Work, work and more work. There is no way around it. If you want to succeed then you have to take care of the one striving for it – YOU! The greater the goal, the greater the work is required to attain it. Why? It’s similar to climbing a hill vs Mount Everest. The latter is going to require a lot more from you physically, mentally and spiritually. You need to be able to perform at a much higher level to reach the more demanding challenges.

With that said, I do recommend tackling challenges that are slightly above your current ‘V-Score Level’. As you accomplish more and more, you will grow, level up and then you can tackle even greater challenges. Nonetheless, the size of the challenge is not as important as the commitment you make to reach it. The fact that you are taking charge of something in your life is what’s truly empowering. You are no longer satisfied with the status quo and are doing something positive about it.

Every obstacle or challenge in the way of you reaching your goal is your opposition. If you want to win, you have to defeat all that stand in your way. It’s like a sporting event. There is the team you want to win and there is the team you want to lose. Well, what do you do when you want your team to win? You cheer them on. You offer all the support you can to lift their spirits and give them that competitive boost.

It’s no different with yourself. You need to avoid being ‘Your Worst Enemy’ and become your number 1 fan. No one is going to motivate you more than you can. Think about it. Who is with you from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep at night?

Your self-talk can either make you or break you at any given moment. If you love someone unconditionally, say a child or sibling, and you wanted them to succeed, would you continuously berate them or would you support them anyway you could? If you want to succeed, cheer yourself on. Notice and celebrate all the victories. Be empathetic with yourself when you make mistakes.

We all have our wins and we all have our loses. A true number 1 fan will stand by us throughout. They will never give up on us no matter what. Are you doing this for yourself or are you relying on others for approval? Are you doing this for yourself or are you tearing yourself down by belittling yourself at every turn?

No one is going to change your inner-dialogue but you. In every moment, you are either cheering yourself on or booing. Can you hear it? If not, I highly recommend meditation. With meditation, you practice watching your thought stream. You shed the light of mindfulness on whether or not this stream is crystal clear and serving your soul or filthy and blocking your freedom of unique, soul expression. Once you become mindful of your thoughts, you will be better able to pluck out the self-defeating ones and replace them with the ones that will make you shine and enjoy your life more. Make this a daily practice and soon enough, you will notice a huge shift within. Where you once heard boos, you will hear cheers from your number 1 fan. This is the true meaning of having a cheerful disposition.

Your V10 Health Coach,

Sal Crispo

P.S. If you are interested, I also make a coaching video for each of these posts on YouTube. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you do not miss out on any of the valuable content I share. Here is the link for this post:

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