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Live with Purpose

“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.”

~ Jack Canfield

You can easily spot someone who is living with passion. They simply love their life and love what they do. It’s apparent in the way they walk and talk. Their energy seems boundless and they usually move with a sense of purpose. Why?

As Jack Canfield stated above, life flows more easily when you have a vision and purpose. You know what you love, what you want and where you are going. This creates a very healthy emotional environment for you to live in. On the flipside, living aimlessly and allowing life circumstances to direct your life, can be very difficult. What if you don’t like what you do or where you’re headed? Only a stroke of luck can change your current status.

Do you want to be the master of your destiny or leave it up to luck and chance? If you continue to be a slave to circumstance (‘The Victim Mindset), you’re setting up your emotions for an unhealthy (stressful) rollercoaster ride. If you do not like what you do or where you are going, your mood will drop. This is because you are living an ego-driven life, instead of a soul-driven one. The true captain, the only part of you who can steer you in the direction of your greatest, authentic desires, is not on deck. Your mind (ego) tells you where you should go based on cold, calculative and superficial analysis, whereas your soul/heart knows what you want because its imbedded within it.

How do you tune into your soul and find your life vision and purpose? Spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer (especially ‘Conscious Unity’) and journaling. These practices help to diminish the ego’s suppression of the soul. In meditation, you practice being mindful of your thoughts and ego. You learn to watch and slow the mind as you only focus on your breath. You do your best to attain stillness of body and mind so that you can experience being. In this state of stillness and being, you are now your true soul essence stripped of egoic labels such as your name, age and everything of the external life.

With prayer, you learn to admit the weakness and uselessness of the ego to truly guide you toward authentic, joyous living. Every time you genuinely pray, you surrender your egoic control over to your soul. The ego, without divine providence, is completely lost and blind. The more of it you surrender, the clearer your life becomes. This is important to note because many people try to think about what their life purpose should be. When you are tuned into your soul fully, you do not need to think, you just feel it and know it with impeccable clarity.

As for journaling, you can try answering questions which kind of force you to feel instead of think. If you could become the best version of yourself tomorrow, what would that look and feel like? If you were guaranteed to succeed (you could not fail), what would you strive to do? If money did not exist, how would you serve others and the world? Again, the purpose is to write down what you feel and avoid egoic judgement (turn off the cold calculator) of them. Also, write with a pen and paper because it is better for tuning into your soul. I look forward to seeing what beauty lies in the depths of your soul.

Your V10 Health Coach,

Sal Crispo

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